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Are you at risk from asbestos?

If a building was built prior to 1986 there is a VERY high chance that it has asbestos containing materials within it. Before you purchase or renovate a home or space of this age do the right thing and get it tested.

It is possible for buildings beyond 1986 to also contain asbestos but the chances are reduced. If you have any concerns, get it tested for asbestos.


REsidential Commercial INdustrial

Advised Air Monitoring INC is a specialist asbestos consulting company serving Medicine Hat and surrounding area which carries out professional air monitoring of all level of asbestos removals, asbestos sampling/testing for asbestos containing materials in residential, commercial and industrial applications, in home air fiber cleaning services and air sampling of homes post renovation.

If you are about to carry out renovations, demolish a house or are looking to purchase a home then please do not hesitate to call us and discuss the likelihood of the home containing asbestos. It is essential to your health that you do not disturb asbestos containing materials and that they are removed professionally to ensure that the life threatening fibers are captured and removed from the air in your home.


I think I Have asbestos in my home. What do I do now?

Find out how to move forward when you think you may have asbestos containing materials in your home or place of work.


Give Yourself Peace of Mind

The asbestos removal services we provide to keep you and your loved ones safe.